Drink one glass of milk every day

Why is it important to drink milk?

Why is it important to drink milk?
Milk and dairy products contain a lot of protein and minerals and therefore are very important for humans. Consumption of dairy products is important for healthy bones and teeth and for a proper function of digestion. Drinking milk can also serve as a good prevention of many diseases and can help fight obesity.

Drink milk to get enough calcium
Calcium is one of the most important minerals in human body. It is important for a healthy bone development (especially in children and adolescents). Calcium is an important part of bone and tooth structure, is important for proper functioning of the nervous and digestive system and is important for proper blood clotting. Sufficient calcium intake also helps male fertility.

Drink milk to get enough protein
Milk and dairy products contain high levels of protein. Proteins are especially important for humans. They are an important source of energy and they assist the proper functioning of the muscles.

Drink milk to fight obesity
Drinking milk in childhood can prevent obesity. At the same time, appropriate milk and dairy products consumption is good for losing weight – especially consumption of products with a reduced fat content that have a lower energy content. Calcium, an essential part of dairy products, can also help with weight loss.

Drink milk to prevent osteoporosis
Sufficient content of minerals in bones during childhood and adolescence is very important for the amount of bone mass at a later age. Over the years, bone mass declines and bones become fragile and can easily be fractured. Proper nutrition and sufficient calcium intake at a younger age acts as a natural prevention of osteoporosis (bone mass loss).

Drink milk during pregnancy
It is important to drink milk and eat dairy products also during pregnancy. Calcium contained in milk is especially necessary for the proper development of bones of a growing baby. Pregnant women should have a higher daily calcium intake than usual. One litre of milk a day is considered to be sufficient sources of calcium for pregnant women.

Milk is the basic nutrition of new-borns
The best nutrition for new-borns is breast milk, which is important for the development of the healthy digestion system, it promotes immunity and reduces the risk of developing later diseases (e.g. obesity). However, if the mother does not have enough of her own milk, the child must receive replacement milk, cow’s origin. Cows’ milk is properly adjusted to meet the nutritional needs of the baby.

Milk and dairy products are an important part of children food
Milk and dairy products such as yoghurt, cottage cheese and cheese are an important part of the children diet, due to the proteins and minerals (especially calcium) present. Sour dairy products contain probiotics, important for proper digestion.

Drink milk for a better nutrition and to fight malnutrition
Thanks to its high protein and calcium content, milk is an ideal food to ensure proper nutrition, or due to the increased energy content, it is a suitable food for undernourished people.





Czech-Filipino Cooperation

Czech-Filipino cooperation on dairy production is based on projects within the framework of the Aid for Trade programme which is an integral part of the Czech Development Cooperation. Aid for Trade is a programme of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. The goal of the programme is to support and develop business in Czech partner countries. 

Cooperation on dairy production between Czech and Filipino partners has started in 2018. The result of the cooperation was successful realization of two projects. The projects were implemented by GEOtest, a.s. company from Brno, Czech Republic, in cooperation with the National Dairy Authority (NDA) from Manila, the Philippines.

The first project was “Assistance in Analyzing and Improving Value Chains in the Dairy Industry“ focused on creation of an action document for the development of dairy industry in the Philippines for years 2019 – 2024. The action document was entitled “Recommended Action Agenda for Dairy Development” (RAADD) and was developed by Czech experts. The document includes a review of the whole dairy system in the Philippines: from obtaining raw cow’s milk, its quality assessment, to processing and realization of products made from it. The RAADD presents particular recommendations and guidelines how to develop all parts of national dairy sector in upcoming years in the Philippines.

The second project entitled “Strengthening Competitiveness and Production Capacity in the Dairy Industry“ was focused on improving and building of knowledge capacities of NDA workers and Filipino farmers on 4 main aspects of dairy production such as: animal welfare, dairy cattle management and production; nutrition; milk quality and production of dairy products; breeding. The main outputs of the second projects were increased capacities of above-mentioned stakeholders, handbooks for NDA workers and Filipino farmers, and website which promotes consumption of milk.

For more information about projects and its outputs, please CONTACT the National Dairy Authority.

Our Campaigns

The National Dairy Authority (NDA) has already implemented several milk promotional campaigns. For more information, click on pictures bellow to open promotional leaflets. If you have any ideas and you would like to support our efforts to increase milk consumption in the Philippines, do not hesitate to CONTACT us.


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